Mil-Spec's Our Nameplates Meet

MetalWorks Etcetera, LLC's anodized aluminum nameplates meet the following mil-spec's, government spec's and industrial specifications:

GG-P-455B spec downloadGG-P-455B - This specification covers the requirements for photosensitive anodized aluminum sheets and foils. For purposes of this specification, foils as referred to in the specification is defined as material 0.010 inch and thinner.

MIL-STD-13231 spec downloadMIL-STD-13231 - This standard covers the general requirements for marking of electronic items, except marking for shipment and as otherwise specified by an applicable Government document covering the item on which the marking appears. These requirements cover both the information to be shown by the marking and the materials and processes used therefor. This standard should be implemented by incorporating suitable requirements directly in acquisition documents.

MIL-DTL-15024F Type H spec downloadMIL-DTL-15024F - This performance specification covers the physical characteristics of plates, tags and bands (identification devices) used for identification of equipment. Examples of information to be marked on the identification devices are covered in the applicable specification sheets.

MIL-P-19834B spec downloadMIL-P-19834B - This specification covers adhesive-backed metal foil identification or instruction plates, herein referred to as identification plates, for use as internal and external equipment identification or instruction.

MIL-STD-130M spec downloadMIL-STD-130M - This standard provides the item marking criteria for development of specific marking requirements and methods for identification of items of military property produced, stocked, stored, and issued by or for the Department of Defense. This standard addresses criteria and data content for both free text and machine-readable information (MRI) applications of item identification marking.

MIL-A-8625F spec downloadMIL-A-8625F - This specification covers the requirements for six types and two classes of electrolytically formed anodic coatings on aluminum and aluminum alloys for non-architectural applications.

A-A-50271 spec downloadA-A-50271 - The commercial item description covers identification plates for attachment to equipment to provide identification, and other miscellaneous data.

SSP50007 spec downloadSSP50007 - This document provides the requirements and specifications for the Inventory Management System (IMS) bar code labels for the International Space Station Related rationale and background information is found in the appendices.


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